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Office Management

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2 types of intervention


One-off (fixed price)

  • Administrative organisation
  • Process and administrative tools
  • Optimisation of suppliers contracts


Recurring (x days / month)

  • Executive assistant
  • Organisation of team events
  • General services management
  • Management of premises and office life
  • HR Administration
  • Accounting support
  • Sales and commercial support
  • Removals management
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your Acting partner


the Acting office manager is your day-to-day facilitator, supporting your administrative and accounting team and working with them to get the job done.

  • He or she supports your employees in their HR monitoring, both in terms of Payroll and Social Affairs, and also in their day-to-day life in the office.
  • Organisation and implementation of the tools needed to ensure the successful development of our initiatives.
Our services


Recurring interventions



HR and administrative support


Coordination with administrative authorities


HR and social support of your teams


Assistance in the implementation of management tools


Implementation of processes


Assistance on legal and strategic issues


Our services


Our method


Your Acting office manager is your prefered partner.

After assessing the situation, determining the objectives and drawing up a precise brief with you, he or she will get fully involved:

  • Your contact person is present several times a week or a month to support you in the tasks you wish to delegate.
  • Acting OM work on your operational issues, in coordination with your partners, suppliers and customers.
  • The Acting office manager is in direct contact with your employees to ensure optimum quality of life at work.
  • She or he is a trusted link between your management and your teams.
Our services


An ongoing support


Your Acting partner is your main Office Manager at all times.

  • Co-ordination with your teams to ensure the continuity and smooth running of the business.
  • Collaboration with your partners and administrative or legal authorities.
  • permanent feedback on the relevance of processes and proposals for optimising organisational issues.

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The benefits of timeshare

4 reasons to use a timeshare CFO


Access to
top-level skills


A flexible solution
at a controlled cost


A contribution of


Intégration into the teams


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High-level skills with a rich background
The right profiles for the right level of intervention
A very active network of expertise and mutual support


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