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Human Resources

Find out more about our Human Resources Management timeshare offer.

2 types of intervention


Recurring X days/ month

  • HR organisation
  • Skills development
  • Recruitment and retention support
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Assistance to HRMs take up their new positions


  • One-off fixed price

    • Diagnosis of the HR function
    • HR legal foundation
    • Employee benefits
    • Individual and collective negociations
    • Change management
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Your Acting partner


The Acting Human Resources Manager is your day-to-day partner in managing your teams. A true balancer between economic and human constraints, he or she supports your Human Resources team and works with them to achieve their mission.

    • Post-covid HR organisation
    • As a facilitator and motivator, he or she helps your staff to get the job done.
    • Organising and implementation of the tools needed to ensure the successful development of your initiatives.
    • Training for the HR team so that they can take over internally.
    • Operational day to sday HR management.
    • Managing of the team and identification of areas for improvement for each team member.


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    Ongoing interventions



    MEMBER OF THE executive committee


    DEVELOPPEMENT of the company attractiveness


    Overall management of the Human Resources function


    Preparation of the annual negociations on the organisation of working time and the compensation and benefits


    Identification of the future leaders


    Support to disciplinary procedures and departures
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    Our method


    The Acting HR Director is your favourite partner.

    After assessing the situation, determining the objectives and drawing up a precise brief with you, he or she will get fully involved:

    • Your contact person is present several days a week or a month to support you in your development.
    • The Acting HR Directors are immediately and fully operational : one a decision is made, they implement it.
    • The Acting HR is in direct contact with your service providers: recruitment agencies, labour inspectors, lawyers, etc.
    • He or she uses Acting tools to improve efficiency.
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    An oingoing intervention


    Your Acting partner is your main HR Director at any moment.

    • Regular contact with your teams to ensure the continuity and smooth running of the business.
    • Coaching of your employees to help them be autonomous and training of the future manager.
    • In fast-growing companies, the end of the HR Acting assignment may result in the recruitment of a permanent HR Director.
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    The benefits of timeshare

    4 reasons to use a timeshare CFO


    Access to
    top-level skills


    A flexible solution
    at a controlled cost


    A contribution of


    Intégration into the teams


    Frequently asked questions

    Why use a timeshare HR Director ?
    How does HR timeshare work ?
    What are the duties of a timeshare HR Director?
    What are the advantages of a timeshare HR manager?
    High-level skills with a rich background
    The right profiles for the right level of intervention
    A very active network of expertise and mutual support


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